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10 Beliefs of Top Salespeople

10 beliefs of top performing salespeople is a great – and very brief – article from Geoffrey James at Inc.com.

I don’t know about you, but I have often seen several of these traits in a Salesperson, but rarely have I seen them all in one. And if these are the beliefs that set the top performers apart, how many do you think you display to your prospects?

The interesting thing is that the majority of these don’t relate to trained sales skills. They are about attitude. There is an old maxim that says ‘Achievement is 35% ability and 65% attitude.” This article seems to support the concept.

Now, we alI know it’s not that simple, but this approach is a great starting point. It should also ensure you stand out from many of your competitors.

I am currently preparing a sales training module for our portfolio, which is all about Storytelling in business. If you’re able to combine this skill with these beliefs, the odds are on you getting much better engagement with your prospect than anyone else. Watch out for more details on this new module. It’s going to make a big difference to anyone charged with selling.

You can read the Inc.com article by clicking here.

All the best.