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Disruptive Speaking for Change

Engaging, interactive sessions for affecting and confronting change.

The public sector has never faced change on such a massive scale. Budgets are constricting, boundaries have altered, goals posts are continually shifting with targets, programmes and benchmarks decided in Whitehall.

Local authorities will restructure, employee numbers will fall, while targets will stretch, push and pull public services in every direction.

No longer are disruptive solutions the remit of innovative companies. Now, they are outright necessities for local authorities in the eye of a storm.

It’s time for disruption – to challenge how things are – to explore new-lines of thinking, solutions and culture.

A Koru Disruptive Speaking for Change workshop could:

  1. Nurture thinking and ideas about what local government could and should look like in the future, and challenge how public services are used, accessed and regarded.
  2. Engage senior managers in debate and discussion – exploring how these changes could impact on a city and its citizens.
  3. Identify, support and action the changes needed in behaviour and culture – in-house and amongst citizens.

“Koru sourced an eclectic and varied range of guests who attracted larger and larger audiences. A small contribution to nourishing the brain, but definitely worthwhile”.

Mark Rogers, Collaborate CIC
The horizon has to shift amongst public sector staff – focus must be on long-term solutions, rather than this year’s latest line-up of problems. Our role is to create a space where staff gain fresh insights and develop independent thinking on policy, cultural, and behavioural issues

As entertaining as they are engaging, our speakers won’t be encountered outside of sometimes stifling formal occasions or conferences focused on wider Governmental change. Their approach leads to tangible change – embedded on the Organisation Development programme for staff.


Three stages
A single focus on change


Series 1 will gather input and opinion from you – alongside your HR.


Series 2 will hand staff the role of designing the programme – with support from start to finish from Koru, who’ll go on to source the right speakers.


Series 3, and all future series, is spearheaded solely by you – with Koru acting as a ‘critical friend’ – we’ll be a sounding board, an advisor and guider on topics and questions – assisting you in sourcing the right speaker, when required.

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