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Knowledge Retention

Engaging Training that sticks, using our unique ReEnfourse® system

According to research conducted by Xerox and others, people forget much of what they learned on a training course in a very short period of time (87% within 30 days according to Xerox).  The implications of this are that much of the money spent on training is wasted.  The hoped-for outcomes in terms of productivity improvement are not realised.

This is the unacceptable status quo of much business training, irrespective of the topic.

So, why do business leaders accept this and what, if anything, can they do to address it?  This was at the heart of our approach to training from day one.  We recognised that we needed specialist, professional academic support to research this issue and create a new holistic approach to training that would overcome the problem identified above.

Fast forward 18 months and we have now concluded our research project in partnership with De Montfort University’s Castle Business School.  



Our unique system – ReEnfourse®


ReEnfourse® is a system Koru created in partnership with De Montfort University’s Castle Business School in Leicester. The objective we set out to achieve was to equip training providers and the management of our Sales Training customers with a framework of tools and techniques that they can apply pre, during and post training courses, to maximise attendee retention of training material. This will allow providers to demonstrate differentiation and for recipients to achieve an enhanced Return on Training Investment (RoTI). The system is suitable for most forms of training and consists of four distinct elements which are shown in the diagram below.

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