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Engaging Training that sticks, using our unique ReEnfourse™ system

Quality sales training programmes – financially, they’re often out of your reach. But before you lament the results that you could be missing out on, it might be time for some perspective…

In the cold light of the day, the reality that Neil Rackham’s statistic that 87% of training programmes is lost within 30 days, is that many ‘expensive’ sales training programmes are simply ineffective.

The challenge of retention is why our sales training is workshop-based (not lecture based); it’s why we mix on-site training with online (for learning that sticks). Training must be relevant and delivered in an impactful way – it must be in the language of the attendee, placed into a context that connects to their everyday role, challenges and chances to sell, better. And, perhaps most importantly of all, it absolutely must be galvanised with a support package – for learning, and selling, beyond the four walls of the workshop room. This is why we created ReEnfourse™ – a sustainable reinforcement system incorporating an eLearning platform – for unwavering post-training attendee support.


Completely bespoke, your programme will be developed right there alongside your team – right for your goals and hurdles. It’s a no-nonsense approach – no hype, no bluster or bluff.

Some call it refreshing. We just call it common sense.

"Koru’s work has supported us in growing the business by 24% in 2011, and we have come to regard Koru as a partner rather than a supplier."

Donald Maciver, Gael

"87% of sales training programmes are forgotten within 30 days of attending a course!"

Neil Rackham – Renowned creator of SPIN selling

Our Philosophy?

Selling is simple.

Whether a team of sales people, or a department – no matter the industry, position or person’s experience, the situation may be complex, but the fundamentals of selling remain the same.

Effective sales concepts, techniques and approaches are easy to learn. It is retaining, developing and implementing these concepts that matters.

Our approach leads to sales training that works – to an ROI (Return On Investment) in tangible pounds and notable improvements in profit (just ask our previous clients).

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