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Pragmatic, realistic, actionable customer-led change.
You want to improve your Return On Sales Investment (ROSI). But there’s a problem. Actually, there may be two – you’re critically time-short, lacking in depth of knowledge, or both.

Now for the key question: Just how will you secure a breakthrough in sales performance, let alone a sustainable breakthrough?

You want to move from A to B. We’ll dig into the steps you’re taking to bridge this divide. With clarity as to your goals and current approach, we’ll brainstorm, research, debate and discuss, to develop a recommended programme of improvements.

With this presented, and the improvements agreed, we’ll craft a cast-iron strategy that hones in on the areas where the biggest leaps and bounds can be made. All of which could be complete within as little as 3 days.

“With the new-found confidence we have as a result of Phil’s intervention, I am really excited about the future for CTS”.

Rowan Bradley, CTS

Your organisation is unique.

Why would your customers be any different?

We begin with your unique customer and partner profile, move on to talk about the individual objectives of stakeholders and business owners and complete the process with a tailored sales strategy that encapsulates it all. So it makes sense that at the heart of our business development model is a focus on the customer – something we pass on through workshops, interviews and audits.

"Phil's added real value to our corporate sales strategy, bringing much needed tools and processes to the business, which will undoubtedly ensure we win more of the business we bid for."

Jon Riding, Local PI.
With a litany of services, your sales strategy would be created from a bespoke blend of any or all of the following:

  • Lead generation processes
  • Referral plan
  • Proposal structure
  • Individual sales campaigns
  • Presentation format
  • Deal qualification process
  • Value proposition creation
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) implementation
  • Recruitment of sales people
  • Incentive plans that work for the business – and the sales team
  • Partner/channel development and management

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