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  • “The review of members administration and support services was a delicate task which Koru carried out with great skill and tact, taking staff on the journey, and then transferring to managers and staff the tools and skills necessary to assess and improve our processes, and encouraging them to determine the outcome. As a result the Council was awarded Civic Office of the Year Award from NACO for 2013. A massive improvement in such a short space of time which we will build on in future years.” Alison Sanders, Director Of Corporate Services, Bracknell Forest Council


Of all office work is waste

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 Business Analysis

lady_process_map_sOur approach to business analysis is to work with our customers’ staff to ensure that any outcomes are their work, so that that adoption of new ways of working is natural and automatic. We apply business analysis to an array of issues including organisational design, process re-engineering, I.T. specifications and business simplification. In broad terms:

  • Understand and document what happens now in simple process chart terms
  • Facilitate our customers’ staff to review and confirm the current state.
  • Identify the activity’s objectives and the customer (internal or external) and their needs
  • Facilitate design of the ideal state process to apply focus (and allow people to think ‘out of the box’)
  • Rarely does the ideal state become “the way we do things” but it sets the bar high so that the next phase – the ‘best fit’ (how close can the team get to the ideal state without breaching law, regulations and governance?) – really does make an improvement.
  • Document and allow comment on best fit, including desk testing new solutions and simulation of high volume or complex transactions, to validate the improvement and identify other issues which might affect performance.
  • Depending upon the application of the analysis there are various outcomes
    – Process re-engineering  – implement the new processes
    – IT applications – basis for workflow, systems design or for specifying the functionality of a software product.

Process ModelThe benefits of this approach are:

  • Engaged and empowered people are the most motivated
  • Doing it with people creates significantly better acceptance than doing it to them.
  • There is no predetermined outcome which means that the result will be the best fit for the need
  • Organisations change for many reasons, and as a result the underlying processes need to change. This methodology facilitates rapid change.

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