Customer Experience

Win new customers and keep existing ones by targeting your customers
  • The big win came when the customer journey was examined in detail from start to finish. It became apparent that the customer journey was in need of improvement at every stage and by improving it, the cost of processing each customer would drop by around 96%. The reduction will come through the implementation of the identified improvements which in essence will channel all customer contact through the School’s website and the systematic elimination of the causes of failure demand. National School of Govenment


Of customers change supplier because of poor service

Source: Right Now Technologies

Customer Experience

Customer ServicesImproved customer engagement is at the heart of Koru’s service offer and value proposition. We have long experience of fostering and leading better customer focus in diverse organisations selling into a wide range of markets. At the core of our customer experience proposition is our belief that customer experience improvement is a company-wide engagement journey led from the top. Due to the specific nature of each company’s interactions with and services to their customers and prospective customers, the Koru customer experience improvement service is always tuned to the customer and the markets in which it operates. Our approach is

  • InternalDefine the right starting point – a current state review of initiatives in the customer engagement and market development arena, with a report and recommendations for top management.
  • Understand the journey to customer centricity and agree an agenda for change and improvement.
  • Assess the pace and detail of the programme of customer experience activities
  • Define Koru’s facilitation role in relation to the wider business objectives and requirements.
  • Engagement through a modular approach of interlinked projects mapped out against the Customer Experience journey

Koru has made a significant difference to the business improvement journey of many organistions and business units. Recent success in both private and public sectors include both large and medium sized organisations.

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