Change Management

Win new customers and keep existing ones by targeting your customers
  • Thanks for all your help for initiating, managing, prompting and assisting in what has been a quite challenging change programme. I am sure it would have never happened without your input. Sue Hunter, Chairman PSI Global
  • Koru’s Senior Executive events for local authority chief executives play a similar role in that the invitation to join other leaders to listen to and engage in debate about reform and change provides an essential opportunity to get out of one’s comfort zone and be intellectually challenged. The benefit is that there is no functional outcome required (you don’t come back with an implementation plan!); rather, the chance to stimulate the little grey cells is the prize – and a most welcome one at that. Mark Rogers, Chef Executive, Solihull MBC


The warranty on their products

Source: Lands' End Mechants

Change is about customers…..

Our change management offering is centred on:

“Preparing for anything when you can’t plan for everything!”
The only certainty in the current world is continuous and rapid change, and customers expect organisations to respond quickly and effectively on their behalf.  In the private sector, a company’s ability to change faster and smarter than its competitors is a key sustainable advantage. In the public sector, the ability to change and innovate is critical to sustaining services in the face of growing demand and reducing resources.


But how can staff handle change issues which may lie outside their comfort zone, expertise and/or knowledge base? Koru believes that total focus on customers, understanding their needs and wants and addressing them are fundamental to the success of any response to change.
cp framework



Our ChangePulse™ Framework provides the tools to support the process and comprises any or all of:





  • Senior Executive Programme, a Board level inter- or intra- company discussion covering economic and business issues, exchange of ideas and direction for change
  • ‘Koru Lecture’ Programme of events to engage the wider management group(s) in developing the change strategy
  • ‘World Game’ based workshops for the wider management group(s) and staff to identify projects and issues in support of the change agenda
  • Focused workshops to fix major change issues.
  • Project support to the change programme
  • A process to develop quick, inexpensive new ways of doing work.


ChangePulse™ is not rigid or necessarily sequential. It is a flexible, modular framework tailored to meet specific needs which delivers the following benefits:

  • Improves relationships and outcomes with customers
  • Transfers skills and engages staff quickly]
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Improves the quality and speed of response to change
  • Reduces the risk and cost of response to change,
  • Fosters positive collaboration within and between organisations
  • Minimises consultancy spend
  • Cuts waste in the change process

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