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What our readers and customers say about the SalesPulse

I always look forward to “the Sales Pulse” – byte sized chunks of wisdom that simplify the perceived complexity of selling. The series gave me a great insight into the DNA of Koru and de-risked using a hitherto unknown organisation to develop our sales team. I wasn’t let down; our sales teams and culture have benefited enormously from the skills and experience Chris and Steve bring to the table.

Donald MacIver, Founder, Gael Software Limited

The SalesPulse is a regular reminder that doing things right is the only sure fire route to success in sales. It is always full of stimulating stuff as well as keeping you focused on the basics of customers, planning and process. It makes you feel proud to be in sales.

Donald Miller, Sales and Marketing Director, Unisto Limited

Sales pulse is the one newsletter than I actually look forward to as does my sales manager who uses it for his monthly sales sermons. It always arrives at the right moment when we are looking to improve our sales methods and you guys seem to be bang up to date in the ever changing world of sales and marketing. I look forward to the next 100 issues.

Adrian Bryant, Managing Director, ADM Computing

Personally I would sum up the Pulse; “as thought provoking, in this busy world its good to stop and think how we could do it better, the Pulse certainly helps this process”

Rob Gibson, Group National Accounts Manager, LIncat


Good, down to earth, no frills, sales and marketing guidance, applicable to all companies, regardless of size and given based on experience – FOR FREE

Owen Scullion, Vice President of Sales, Brainboxes

Congratulations Koru on 100 SalesPulses …useful tips and timely reminders of the importance of customers and the Sales and Marketing cutting edge

Tony Massey, Chief Marketing Officer, HH Global

I really enjoy reading the SalesPulse – its simplicity and candour are refreshing

Jill Kinman, Vice President of Sales, AccuProcess Inc

“As a reader of SalesPulse over the last 7 or 8 years I would like to congratulate Steve on always producing an interesting and thought provoking publication. You don’t always have to agree with what he writes but it’s always worthwhile reading and he has a knack of passing on practical suggestions in a way that is easy to understand and, more importantly, use in the workplace.”

Robert Snook, Sales Director, Portakabin

Congratulation Koru on a century of SalesPulses, helping us all keep customers front of mind

Michael D. Parker CBE , Chairman of Street League and Vice Chairman of ROSPA Ex CEO Dow Chemicals and ex CEO BNFL.


Sometimes in sales you forget the basics that previously brought success, Steve’s letters remind you of the things that matter in a clear and concise manner. Steve’s newsletters make me stop and ask myself “Am I doing that……….  if not, why not?” and look to address. His newsletters are a welcome nudge to make sure I’m always thinking about what’s best practice.

Gregor McCall, Sales Manager, CC Technology Limited

I spread SalesPulse round the organisation and it always produces beneficial actionable results.


Sue Hunter, Managing Director, PSI Global

I ensure I take the time to read Sales Pulse as I always find it insightful, as well as reminding me of the importance of the fundamentals of sales and the customer, amid the constant noise of great new sales productivity tools and techniques

Hamish Mackness, Sales Director, The Logic Group

Simple Sales advice with practical and useful tips

Chris Green, National Sales Manager, ACO Water Systems

Sales Pulse is always a good read, and on many occasions quoting the obvious, but still often overlooked in the selling process

Peter Rogerson, Chairman and Joint MD, Deans Computers Services plc