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  • I would just like to say how much I enjoyed reading this as this is exactly what I have been telling our sales team the last few months, in fact I started this approach nearly 12 month s ago when I was convinced of the imminent housing market collapse. Now today I can report that we have just had our best 6 months ever!!! Profits in this period are more than the 2 previous years put together.
  • As usual Steve, You know how to hit the spot. E Shots like these sometimes force you to think again
  • I really enjoy reading and look forward to receiving The SalesPulse
  • I really enjoyed reading this article, (Selling is simple - why complicate it?) its simplicity and candor were refreshing.
  • I look forward to the Koru newsletters which invariably contain a nugget or two of useful and usable advice to put into practice in the real world of selling.
  • I just saw the SalesPulse - a thought provoking piece as usual
  • Excellent (SalesPulse 94) - Thanks
  • Good to see you are still sending out some good stuff (SalesPulse 98)


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