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The only thing that is certain in business is change…………. 


and that change is being led by customers, consumers and citizens. We help our customers by enabling them to better serve their customers.

Koru Services provides a range of services under the banner of “Business improvement through customer led change”. We strongly believe that focusing resources on customers provides the best outcomes resulting in:

  • A strong external focus and single common purpose
  • Reduced operating expenditure and improved margins
  • Offerings driven by customer and market needs, and
  • Better customer life time value, a key competitive edge.

We deliver these benefits through this framework:

What we do


Our approach is that of an improvement agent of change – facilitator, coach and critical friend, the objective being to help our customers’ people become fully engaged with what the business needs to achieve.


The SPA-Logo-with strap lineKoru Consulting Ltd. in conjunction with Productive Sales Professionals Ltd have launched the SalesPulse Academy. The Academy provides a unique package of eLearning, appropriate sales services, a curated library of relevant, supporting materials and a stimulating community for the Academy’s users. In this massively competitive and demanding market place, it is vital that all customer facing people have sales skills – The SalesPulse Academy equips and supports these people in an extremely cost and time effective way.

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